Deborah has felt a call on her life since her walk with Jesus started in 1987. Viewing daily life in accordance to God's word has given her an opportunity to see things from both a world and Christian perspective. Growing up with a challenging childhood taught her life could be unkind. However, after having a taste of God's love for her, Deborah has realized God's calling of helping others overcome life's obstacles.

Deborah adheres to and embraces the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has completed training and mentoring in such methods. She is dedicated to providing guidance that encompasses Biblical truths in love, along with the hope of wholeness. Completed studies in the Board Certification Program in Biblical Counsel with ACCC. She is also a Certified CWG Facilitator and Personal Spiritual Trainer through Communion with God Ministries.

Deborah is under the covering of The Missionary Church International and UHM Board Members. Unfolded Hearts Ministry also holds a membership with the Biblical Counsel Spiritual Formation Network.

Strengths: Good listener, trustworthy, loyal, discerning, empathetic, committed, organized, and continues to seek opportunity for growth.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, teaching, intercession, wisdom/knowledge, prophetic.


Romans 12    
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