Comments of women impacted through ministry
(Used with permission)

“Bless you for your service in unfolding and healing hearts.” 

"Because of you, I have seen more of who I am in Christ, and how much he loves me."

"You helped me to see value in me and to speak up because I do have significance. Thank you."

"Thanks to your helpful approach in counseling that turned my focus toward God’s presence every minute of each day. Acknowledging His love for me and truly believing he is in control has brought me through one of the most fearful times in my life. He has touched my heart like never before. I appreciate your guidance so much."

"Thanks!!!!! So much for all of your sensitivity to the Spirit. I am very grateful to have you as my personal spiritual trainer. It has enhanced my learning so much."

Comments from a Wife/Mother Participate of 8 Week Boundaries Group

"I can’t tell you how much of help the class has been to me. You are excellent in the area of communication; you are imparting great ways to get and offer feedback in a constructive manner. I have reviewed the information and my notes, and it has been invaluable. If I ever see you on an individual basis, I will be sure to key in on this expertise that I see you have in this area–has been and would be a great help for me!

Besides the videos, I am getting just as much if not more from you about practical application, which is even more constructive! Your way of defining things makes it a win-win for both parties–speaking the truth in love is definitely an art form and a significant piece of imparting boundaries."

R.E.A.C.H Forgiveness Group – Participant

What feedback would you like to give your leader about your group experience?
Completely invaluable ~ No words to express on earth – what I know was done in heaven."

What would you like to tell the leader about his or her leadership of the group?
"Beautifully Spirit Led ~ You walked us through steps methodically to experience all the course material had to offer – yet somehow, by His Spirit. You managed to allow us to experience Him alone as He flooded our space with His Goodness/Mercy/Forgiveness and Clarity every week."


Romans 12    
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