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Phone Sessions can be just as effective as in-office meetings but provide you the convenience of counsel right from your current location which can be a wonderful option. You can do sessions from the comfort of you home, during a lunch break at work or in your car on your cell phone, just not while driving of course. A phone session can make it easier to fit sessions into your busy schedule. 

I have been holding phone sessions with people from within the USA since my beginning days of training with great results. 

A potential advantage of phone sessions is that it may be easier to talk about certain difficult topics on the phone rather than in-person.

A phone session is not designed for an emergency or suicide in which case you will need to dial 911.

General areas of ministry we offer include, Relationship Problems, Codependency, Stress & Burn out, Women's Issues, Boundaries, Spiritual Issues, Unforgiveness, Emotional Wounds, and Conflict Resolution.

Please note we do not see clients who struggle with addictions, domestic violence or suicidal thoughts.

New to Unfolded Hearts Ministry:

  • Phone Sessions are generally scheduled for 30 minutes at $30.00 a session     if you'd like more time you can select 45 minutes at $45.00 
  • We are only accepting calls within the USA, at this time.
  • Carefully fill out a Contact Form found at the 'Contact Us' section of the website to the right of the screen. State your interest and briefly describe your reasons for the session in the comment box provided.
  • You will receive an email from UHM once the contact form is submitted. Appointments are made at UHM discretion. 
  • Phone Sessions will be processed through a PayPal account fees to be received prior to scheduled appointment.

Existing Clients:

For existing or past clients, you may schedule a phone session at any time for either of the 30 minute or 45 minute session times at the above rate. If you'd prefer your phone session to be held for 50 minutes as in-office, please note your fee would remain the same as your in-office visit. 


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