Individual and Group sessions are offered. Marriage ministry is offered upon request.

Relationship Problems, Codependency, Stress & Burn out, Women's Issues, Boundaries, Spiritual Issues, Unforgiveness, Emotional Wounds, Conflict Resolution.

Please note we do not see clients who struggle with addictions or domestic violence.

What can I expect in a biblical counsel session?

To a large degree, that depends on you, your reasons for counseling, and where you are in the counseling process (first meeting or last meeting, focused on hurts or focused on sin, etc.).

Broadly speaking, you should expect a process of speaking the truth in love. That does not mean the biblical counselor preaches at you. It means that you engage in where you, your counselor, and the Divine Counselor seeks to apply biblical wisdom coming along side of you with the comfort of the Holy Spirit to your life issues.

You should expect your biblical counselor to empathize with your hurts, pain and trauma to encourage you with Christian hope, to exhort you with biblical truth that exposes heart issues, and to empower you with biblical principles that equip you to be a better lover of God and others. You should expect the "process" to be "real and raw." Like Paul, stated in 2 Corthinians 6:11 our Hearts were open to you. The biblical counselor will give you not only the Scriptures, but his or her own soul - caring and connecting deeply.

Additionally, on occasion some women clients may find that, as they are engaging in their biblical counsel session(s) and are involved in scriptural discussions relevant and pertinent to their specific life issue, they may want to include a "prayer session" as an appointment. At which time they will be asked to look over the Prayers that Heal the Heart PDF discussing along with their biblical counselor as to the area(s) in which they desire to pursue during the "prayer session."

Please know we do not considered this to be an absolute for each client.

During a 'prayer session' a trusted and experienced intercessor with no prior knowledge of your biblical counsel sessions will be ask to join the session.

In general, biblical counsel is our heart focus. We are not equipped to offer solely 'prayer sessions'. Although, we do believe the Holy Spirit has preeminence in all things as stated according to Colossians 1:18 and remains present in each biblical counsel session as discussed above.

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