How to Hear Gods Voice

Learn the 4 Key’s to Hearing God’s Voice as found in Scripture. We will examine, discuss and apply these keys together as a group while we spend time to journal our prayers with His response. You will be both encouraged and strengthen in learning to cultivate the voice of the Lord in you life.

This workshop - study can be held in a variety of venues. Please inquire further if interested.

Debbie has been a Certified Communion with God facilitator with Communion with God Ministries and Personal Spiritual Trainer since 2007. It has proven to be her joy and privilege as she coaches women from around the globe in learning to hear God’s voice.

R.E.A.C.H Forgiveness

Do you want to become a more forgiving person? We best learn to forgive by seeking the heart of God. REACH forgiveness, is a six - week study that will aid participants in teaching the skills needed as the Lord builds a forgiving attitude in a supportive and trusted community.

Study requires: Commitment to study, a sincere willingness for authenticity along with a measure of courage. Journal - homework and discussion are encouraged each week.

Debbie is most comfortable teaching the truth of scriptures as it was intended in the Hebrew, a method called "lamad". The Hebrew language uses one root (lamad) for the two words "to teach" and "to learn" All learning and teaching are ultimately to be found in the fear of the Lord. Our goal is not in just teaching facts but the hope and prayerful interest of changing lives. The lamad method of teaching involves personal encounter(s) and response(s) to God’s revelation. These workshops become a place of discussion and sharing of real life experience. Debbie brings both her own personal testimonies and revelations as well as engaging others in the workshop and teachings, therefore it becomes a place of truth beyond the classroom but moreover a part of our lives.

Whether you plan to attend a workshop or are interested in inviting Debbie to teach you will find that you experience hope and comfort from the Holy Spirit.


Romans 12    
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